Hyper Puppy Describes A Lot Of German Shorthaired Pointer Pups. This Breed Is Naturally Very Active.

Hyper Active Puppy

The Hyper Active Puppy

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Crazy Hyper Active Puppy
Crazy Hyper Active Puppy

The puppy’s wild and crazy time…

There are certain times of the day when dogs, and especially puppies, may display hyper active behavior. The times of day this behavior is most frequently observed are in the morning and at night, in the early evening. With the later one usually being the most extreme.

Don’t become too alarmed with your puppy’s hyper behavior. Some puppies can have very intense bouts of extremely active behavior. Sometimes a puppy’s behavior can be so intense that it may appear they’re possesses by demons. During these spurts of activity the puppy will rip around the house in a frenzied crazy manner as though chasing imaginary friends. Even in very small rooms hyper puppies can move quite quickly.

While in the hyper active state, most owners find they have very little control over their dogs. It will also be observed that during hyper activity most puppies have very poor control over their own behavior.

Lack of control can be seen in nipping, needing to urinate, and not performing known behaviors. It’s amazing how good hyper puppies are at avoiding people trying to catch them. Displaying avoidance behavior toward people does show these pups have some awareness of their environments. It also shows they’re capable of some self control. It’s through instruction and training that we can harness this awareness and increase impulse control. Hyper time also give us a chance to work though avoidance behavior.

Hyper Puppy Describes A Lot Of German Shorthaired Pointer Pups. This Breed Is Naturally Very Active.
Hyper Puppy Describes A Lot Of German Shorthaired Pointer Pups. This Breed Is Naturally Very Active.

During periods of hyper activity, dogs sometimes cause owners and caretakers a considerable amount of trouble. Often, this can take the form of a dog with some training acting as though it’s untrained. When this happens, remind yourself, it is normal dog behavior and patiently work though the problem.

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Training tips for controlling and calming hyper active puppies

• Complement the pup’s active extreme behavior with the opposite, extremely calm behavior in yourself.

• Don’t punish the dog or get upset.

• Always have training supplies available (food rewards, toys, [leash?]).

• Make certain your dog has had its required exercise for the day. If your dog has excess energy and you have not given the dog an opportunity to burn off the energy, you’re setting the dog up for acting crazy.

• Always build trust with touch and work though any avoidance responses.

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