Feral Puppies also referred to as street Dogs in Taiwan

Puppies and Training

By Andrew Ledford

Puppy Training a Corgi
Puppy Training a Corgi

Puppy training is one of the most life enriching activities your puppy can take part in. It’s through informal and structured training that your puppy learns the social rules and cultural norms.




Feral Puppies also referred to as street Dogs in Taiwan
Feral Puppies also referred to as street Dogs in Taiwan

There is a big difference between a dog raised as a feral street dog and one raised as a pet.

Training your puppy involves a lot more than just teaching formal obedience commands. Your puppy is learning with every environmental interaction. Whenever possible you must ensure that your puppy is learning desirable behavior and not developing bad habits. Everything a young pup learns will influence its adult behavior. It’s up to the owner to see into the future as best as possible and cultivate a happy, healthy, and socially acceptable dog.

There are several life skills a civilized dog should possess. All pets are much more desirable to live with if they are potty trained, develop bite inhibition, and learn the command Off or don’t touch. Most dogs also need to learn how to greet people by not jumping. During puppyhood is when dogs learn what is okay to chew on and what is not. Chewing preferences developed as a puppy influence adult dog behavior. Most dogs are easier to manage and happier if they are crate trained as puppies. Finally we need to socialize our young puppies to decrease the chance of fear based aggression.

Here is a list of behaviors every puppy should learn these area also some of the topics covered in my Puppy Guide

  • potty training
  • crate training
  • bite inhibition
  • appropriate chewing
  • not jumping
  • crate training
  • sit

All of these are covered in my Puppy Guide eBook on Amazon

Some skills that are taught in my face to face puppy training classes are

  • not to play bite
  • to come when called
  • not to dig
  • to go to the puppies bed on command
  • to respond to NO!
  • to lay Down
  • to walk on a loose leash by your side
  • to Stay
  • advanced touching and handling exercises
  • barking prevention
  • car manners
  • yard manners
Potty Training A Young Boxer Dog
Potty Training A Young Boxer Dog

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