In Home Puppy Training With a Corgi Pup

In Home Puppy Training

In Home Puppy training brings rewards that last a lifetime

I offer in home puppy training in North Orange County, Long Beach, 562, and San Gabriel Valley.

In home Puppy Training
In Home Puppy Training

If you’re having problems with your pup’s house manners or house training  call me at 714-827-4058 for personalized potty training help and customized dog training.

My In home puppy training programs uses an easy to implement, human friendly, dog behavior management and training system that’s designed for a busy lifestyle

In-home puppy training is where we come to you to work with you and your new puppy, in its environment. This is especially important because the majority veterinarians don’t want puppies out in public during these important first months of  life.

Many puppy parents have questions about how to best raise and train the newest family addition. I can help you find answers to your most pressing puppy problems.

Personal In Home Puppy Training, Teaching a Labrador Retriever Pup To Like Sleeping In Its Crate.
Personal In Home Puppy Training, Teaching a Labrador Retriever Pup To Like Sleeping In Its Crate.

Just about everything your puppy learns from 21 days to 4 months will influence the rest of its life. Don’t you believe an education should be part of your dog’s history? The central purpose of puppy training is to stop behavior problems before they get started.

With home puppy training I’ll treat both you and your puppy as individuals. I do this because one style doesn’t fit everyone. Puppies come in different sizes and with different personalities. Personal differences is why I adapt my pet training programs to the individual.

Home puppy training programs are designed to meet the unique training requirements of you and your puppy. I provide consultation where I guide the humans through principles of learning theory and patterns of dog behavior.

Our puppy training consist of

  • basic obedience commands
  • problem management & prevention
  • socialization
  • house manners – including housebreaking / potty training

I will also help you prepare for future developmental stages your puppy will grow through.

For over thirty year I have helped puppy owners successfully nurture confident, happy dogs through the critical early months into adolescence and then into adulthood. Working with me allows you to benefit from my lifetime of experience.

In Home Puppy Training With a Corgi Pup
In Home Puppy Training With a Corgi Pup

Puppy training – behavior programs can start as soon as you bring your new puppy home. This can be as early as 7 weeks . The important thing is to start your pup on the road to good behavior as soon as possible.

We serve all of Orange County, Long Beach, and the Los Angeles metro areas including the San Gabriel Valley, and South Bay. I offer customized In home training to a large portion of Southern California’s most dog friendly communities.

In-home puppy training programs usually last 5 sessions and are done over a 6 to 11 week period. The first session is usually between one and a half hours to 3 hours long.

Get started today and ensure your puppy’s happy future.
Start enjoying the benefits of a win-win relationship with your new puppy….

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