Dog Training Classes for Orange County, Long Beach, and Greater Los Angeles Area including the San Gabriel Valley

We provide dog training classes and services in Orange County and the greater Los Angeles area, including Long Beach and the San Gabriel Valley.

I am taking on a limited number of new clients. Past clients will have priority booking when enrolling a new dog or for training a dog I’ve worked in the past.

Training for your dog and instruction for you

Dog owners need to learn how to handle their dogs with in home and board and train programs
Dog owners need to learn how to handle their dogs for both in home and board and train programs

In Home Dog Training

  • Where we come to your home and work you dog in its environment
  • In home puppy training
  • Puppy training in your home during the most impressionable period of you dog’s life. If your veterinarian says no venturing into the community and no puppy classes until 4 month old this program is for you
  • Along with training the dog around the house we also work the dog in the community to ensure good behavior around distractions.

There are several major advantages to in home training. The first is we are working the dog in its environment. Dogs can usually concentrate better and for longer periods of time in familiar surroundings. I also can do an environmental assessment when I come to the home. We can often help problem behaviors by changes in the physical environment. With in home training there is also the opportunity to tailor the training to each dog and to the owners too. We all have our own unique talents and abilities. It can be helpful to incorporate these into a training program.

I am planning on offering small group classes in 2018.
I am looking for a location in North Orange Count, If you know of a location please contact me with that information.

Board and Train
 I am no longer doing any board and train programs

Online dog training

  • The online training site has been taken down. However, I do plan on having much of the information on this site within time.

My dog training is people friendly
All of my dog training programs include teaching the people in the household how to manage and maintain their dog’s good behavior.

Training for your dog and instruction for you
in the Orange County and greater Los Angeles – Long Beach / South Bay area

Dog Training – Puppy Training, Potty Training & Dog Obedience Training