When dog training you can use play as a reward - Play Training two German ShepherdsDog training advice and tips that will help you tap into the powerful social bond of love that exists between you and your pet.

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Learn how training can overcome and prevent behavior problems by establishing trust between you and your special pet.

My dog Behavior training programs consist of

  • Introduction and orientation to our unique owner / pet education system
  • Reinforcement conditioning
  • Learn how to keep your dog from pulling on the leash. This conditioning technique even work for obedience school dropouts.
  • Discover a sophisticated reinforcement based method to teach your little woofer not to touch, jump, or sniff,
  • The command “off” (don’t touch) used as a primary foundation exercise
  • Leash and collar conditioning
  • The “Easy” command. Another primary foundation exercise
  • Handling exercises to build trust. Because dominance over a pet is not enough to ensure reliable and happy compliance.
  • Trust touch sensitivity conditioning, the third primary foundation exercise.
  • House manners and yard manners
  • Potty training = house breaking
  • House training – potty training secret that can help the most difficult to train dogs.
  • Successful potty conditioning routine that contradicts what many traditional obedience experts will tell you
  • Socialization training
  • Learn a heeling pattern that’s the exact opposite of what AKC obedience experts use for competition training. It works in real life, even though it might not get you points in the ring

With my unique dog behavior training programs you can save time, energy, and maybe even your dogs life

I have spent most of my life learning about and teaching others about animal behavior.

Imagine, in just 5 lessons you can discover many of the training secrets that took me over 30 years to learn

My training programs are particularly effective for teaching new puppies the house rules. I use a lot of positive reinforcement training with the puppy development programs. This is so the puppy can start learning important lessons right from the beginning. Using positive reinforcement will also allow your pup to work for longer periods of time without being excessively affected by the negative effects of stress. Although we want to keep stress down during certain parts of the learning process, we also need to teach the puppy how to deal with the stress encountered in daily life. Hence the stress tolerance exercises we incorporate into the training programs.

What can be expected from this training? My integrated 7 track system can teach you how to begin managing your dog’s behavior on the very first visit! usually the first training visit involves a temperament evaluation, training orientation, and the first hands on dog training lesson.  Many people find their dog’s behavior dramatically improves after the first class.

Training a Great Dane
Training a Great Dane

My Training System gives you the essential tools and the practical knowledge you need to realize your dogs full potential.

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