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Evaluation of Wolfhound Puppy

Wolfhound Greeting Before Training Lesson
Wolfhound Greeting Before Training Lesson

The video shows my initial meeting with this Wolfhound puppy and the beginning part of the first lesson. On this day we are training in the Anaheim Hills of Orange County. I start with a short evaluation. The video doesn’t show the whole behavioral evaluation but it will give you a glimpse of the initial assessment. You’ll notice this dog is quite passive, and active. Wolfhounds are usually not quite this active.

The next part of the video briefly shows the yard and environmental evaluation. In this part of the training I check the yard for safety hazards and other possible problems. I then talk to the owner about some common plants that could be a problem for the dog. When doing a yard check I’m also looking for a good potty area and checking the fence line.

In the next video we’ll begin some of the foundation training. The training process is part of a system, each component of the lesson has a purpose and is important. Even seemingly trivial points have a purpose. I believe all of my videos with the possible exception of the two Goldendoodles contain at least one important training technique or principle. The Goldendoodle video was just for fun. It was more an experimental video where I attached a camera to one of the dogs.

I’m wishing you the best in dogs and the best in life,
Andrew Ledford
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