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Training a Pit Bull in North Orange County

Leash Training a Pit Bull in North Orange County
Leash Training a Pit Bull in North Orange County. Notice the leash grip. Even when relaxed maintain good form

I have a few picture of a pit bull I am training in the North Orange County area of California. This dog does present some challenges. The first is gaining the dogs trust. Getting this dog to trust me took a little effort. While she is not exactly happy to see me she does tolerate me and is responding to training. You will see in one of the photos she is taking a treat from me. Although you may also notice she’s displaying is a bit of avoidance while getting the treat.

This dog usually shows more avoidance in the house and around its owner than it does when I have her by myself and away from the house. If you have a difficult to train dog give me a call for a free phone evaluation.

Treat Training a timid Pit Bull In the OC
Treat Training a timid Pit Bull in the OC It is worth noting my positioning. I am turned to the side one hand behind my back and head away from the dog. I am presenting a nonthreatening posture while maintaining safety

Wishing you the best in dogs and the best in life,
Andrew Ledford
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Video teaching a pit bull the Off exercise

Here is a very short video of me teaching a pit bull the off exercise using food. With this training technique we are allowing the behavior of grabbing the food to undergo extinction. Extinction occurs because the behavior of grabbing is never reinforced after the controlling signal “Off” is heard.

Next we are rewarding a behavior that is incompatible with grabbing. The incompatible behavior in not touching the handler.

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