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Potty Training In The Rain

Southern California doesn’t get a whole lot of rain. When we do get rain a lot of our dogs don’t like it much. The dog that is staying with me for a homestay board and train program is one of those dogs.

It seems she doesn’t mind going out in the rain for fun, but she does not like going potty when it’s wet. Her finicky potty behavior means I need to spend a lot more time watching her when it’s wet outside. This is another case of behavior management. If I don’t have any other commitments or if I can reschedule other commitments I’ll wait for her to go. Along with waiting I’ll also offer a little encouragement such as exercise or play and more frequent visits to her potty spot.

If I have other commitments I can’t work around I’ll take this particular dog out for a walk. She will always go on a walk. While the walk is not teaching her to go in the target potty area it is not as much of a setback as an accident in the house.

My Favorite Dog Training Rain Coat
My Favorite Dog Training Rain Coat

The recent rain has been very light. When it’s raining, shall I say, like cats and dogs, it’s best to be prepared before you head out the door. During moderate to heavy rain I will have a rain coat by the door along with my hat.

My hat is always by the door. If you know me you’ll know I think a hat is essential equipment. There are several low overhangs in the yard and it seems if I forget to wear my hat I always hit my head on one of those. Even in a light rain a hat is mighty handy for keeping the mega water drops coming off the trees from running down your neck.

Other helpful rain gear includes rubber boots or rain shoes and an umbrella. I find an umbrella gets in the way of handling the dog so I don’t use one. But for dogs that take a very long time they may have a purpose.

That is gear for getting out into the rain, but how about coming back inside? I recommend at least having a rug or towel down for the dog to step on as it comes in the door. Some people like having a towel by the door to dry the dog as well. It’s better to take a few minutes to dry the dog as opposed to having the dog shake dog smell water on the walls and furniture.

The take away is think about what you will need before you need it. Plan ahead and get everything ready so you’ll have all of your training supplies and equipment ready at the right time.

Wishing you the best in dogs and the best in life,
Andrew Ledford
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What can a seven (7) week old puppy learn?

From my dog training website I got the question where a reader wanted to know “What to train a dog at 7 weeks.” I am guessing they want to know what a puppy can learn when it is only seven weeks old. This is a great question because it’s during the formative early weeks that training has the biggest effect on future behavior. Most of the important social skills for living with humans are acquired during the early weeks.

The skills we can start teaching our puppies at seven weeks are socialization, potty training (house breaking). It’s particularly important that potty training is done correctly at an early age to prevent housebreaking problems. Other life skills a young puppy can learn are not to jump on people, proper play behavior, not to bite hard, and to come when called. I also like to begin very gentle leash conditioning sometime also called leash breaking. I generally don’t like using the word breaking for dog training, but it does have a long tradition in animal training.

Corgi Puppy In Home Training

Corgi Pup In Home Training

Even more advanced skill like tracking can be started at a very young age. When I used to have German Shepherd puppies I would try to start them in the beginning phase of tracking at around eight (8) weeks old.

While group training classes do have some advantages for socialization. However, a 7 or 8 week old puppy has not had the required vaccinations to be in a group class. Most of the important life skills are best taught with an in home puppy training program.

New Webpage About Housebreaking

I have posted a new webpage about housebreaking and the proper use of housebreaking tools. This is the second installment of my housebreaking series.

I am adding an enhanced version of the housebreaking information as an online book in the online dog training course. At this time the evolving housebreaking information is available on all the courses except the professional course. I will be adding a version to that course in due time.

I can be reached at 714-827-4058

New 101 Dog Training Tips Web Pages

New tips pages added about housebreaking and another about selecting a dog training leash

I am continuously adding new content to our network of websites. On 7/22/10 added a page about the dog training leash and how to select the right dog training leash for you

On 8/3/10 I added a new housebreaking potty training article to the 101 dog training tips website that is the first part of a housebreaking and potty training series

We have also become Dogster recommend as a great resource for dog behavior and training information. The dogster badge is on our new Awards page.

In the past I have always turned down awards. However since I have started playing with Google adwords to pay for content creation I have decides to start accepting badges and awards. Creating quality content does require a good deal of time and effort it seems only fair that I should get a little something, don’t you agree?

We have resumed displaying listings for other dog trainers in our dog trainers’ directory. So if you are outside the area I serve check out the directory for a dog trainer near you. If you know of a dog trainer who would like to be included have them fill out the form and I will review their information

I have been writing a blog at the RenChenZa site for several weeks. When that series is finished I will be more active on this blog and the 101-dog-training-tips.com website

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Andrew Ledford.