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Habits and Catching a Door Bolting Dog

Last night I was training a dog that knew every route away from and back to its house. The interesting thing is that if I did something out of the ordinary, such as go down an ally or through a strip shopping center the dog acted like we should not be going that way. It did not act this way only once, but whenever I took it someplace new. I have to add that this dog is very sensitive.

Labrador Retriever Running
Labrador Retriever Running

We can use this tendency to use the same route with dogs that bolt doors and escape. There are escape artist dogs that I want walked the same way every time they are taken out. Usually away from traffic. Then when the dog does get out it is often possible to jump in the car and drive the opposite direction meeting the dog as it is running away from the house. This way the dog ends up running toward the owner. Many dogs are happy to jump in the car if they have a chance to. This simplifies the act of catching door bolting wayward dogs.

Wishing you the best in dogs and the best in life,
Andrew Ledford
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