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New 101 Dog Training Tips Web Pages

New tips pages added about housebreaking and another about selecting a dog training leash

I am continuously adding new content to our network of websites. On 7/22/10 added a page about the dog training leash and how to select the right dog training leash for you

On 8/3/10 I added a new housebreaking potty training article to the 101 dog training tips website that is the first part of a housebreaking and potty training series

We have also become Dogster recommend as a great resource for dog behavior and training information. The dogster badge is on our new Awards page.

In the past I have always turned down awards. However since I have started playing with Google adwords to pay for content creation I have decides to start accepting badges and awards. Creating quality content does require a good deal of time and effort it seems only fair that I should get a little something, don’t you agree?

We have resumed displaying listings for other dog trainers in our dog trainers’ directory. So if you are outside the area I serve check out the directory for a dog trainer near you. If you know of a dog trainer who would like to be included have them fill out the form and I will review their information

I have been writing a blog at the RenChenZa site for several weeks. When that series is finished I will be more active on this blog and the 101-dog-training-tips.com website

Wishing you the best in dog training and in life,
Andrew Ledford.