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Potty Training In The Rain

Southern California doesn’t get a whole lot of rain. When we do get rain a lot of our dogs don’t like it much. The dog that is staying with me for a homestay board and train program is one of those dogs.

It seems she doesn’t mind going out in the rain for fun, but she does not like going potty when it’s wet. Her finicky potty behavior means I need to spend a lot more time watching her when it’s wet outside. This is another case of behavior management. If I don’t have any other commitments or if I can reschedule other commitments I’ll wait for her to go. Along with waiting I’ll also offer a little encouragement such as exercise or play and more frequent visits to her potty spot.

If I have other commitments I can’t work around I’ll take this particular dog out for a walk. She will always go on a walk. While the walk is not teaching her to go in the target potty area it is not as much of a setback as an accident in the house.

My Favorite Dog Training Rain Coat
My Favorite Dog Training Rain Coat

The recent rain has been very light. When it’s raining, shall I say, like cats and dogs, it’s best to be prepared before you head out the door. During moderate to heavy rain I will have a rain coat by the door along with my hat.

My hat is always by the door. If you know me you’ll know I think a hat is essential equipment. There are several low overhangs in the yard and it seems if I forget to wear my hat I always hit my head on one of those. Even in a light rain a hat is mighty handy for keeping the mega water drops coming off the trees from running down your neck.

Other helpful rain gear includes rubber boots or rain shoes and an umbrella. I find an umbrella gets in the way of handling the dog so I don’t use one. But for dogs that take a very long time they may have a purpose.

That is gear for getting out into the rain, but how about coming back inside? I recommend at least having a rug or towel down for the dog to step on as it comes in the door. Some people like having a towel by the door to dry the dog as well. It’s better to take a few minutes to dry the dog as opposed to having the dog shake dog smell water on the walls and furniture.

The take away is think about what you will need before you need it. Plan ahead and get everything ready so you’ll have all of your training supplies and equipment ready at the right time.

Wishing you the best in dogs and the best in life,
Andrew Ledford
So Cal Dog training


Goldendoodles From Pasadena Board and Train Video

Goldendoodle from Pasadena in board and train program sitting in dog bed
Goldendoodle from Pasadena in board and train program sitting in dog bed

These two Goldendoodles are from Pasadena California, and they were enrolled in my board and train program. I try to take the dogs to a variety of training locations when they are staying with me. The red dog is a little more sensitive than the apricot dog. Usually we visit the park when it’s a little more active, but I wanted to get a video when there was good light out. The most interesting person we met on this day was a treasure hunter with a metal detector. We had a nice chat with him and then it was time for me and the dogs to go home. The video of our chat was edited out. The dogs were well behaved, but I didn’t think the treasure hunter wanted to be in the video.

Goldendoodle trained to stay in its dog bed by the door in my office
Goldendoodle trained to stay in its dog bed by the door in my office

Our usual walk in the park is around sunset or early evening. At that time the park is full of activity. Some of the distractions we see on a nightly basis are basket ball games, soccer, people exercising, friends and neighbors walking, jogging, and of course other dog walkers. The diverse activities provide quite a few distractions for the dogs.

I wish I had video of these dogs when they starting their training. By the time I got my new camera both dogs were fairly well behaved.

Unlike some of my other videos I don’t think you will pick up many training tips from watching this video. However, it is kind of fun to see how the new dog cam rig works. This is the first edition. I think I can make it better in the future. There is a lot of camera wobble. Maybe I can teach the dogs to glide along instead of the wobble, wobble gait they are using. In the future I will try some new training techniques that may help stabilize the video. Now that I think about it, training for a smother walk might also help teach the dogs a more precise Heel (walking by the handler’s side).

Long Line – Lunge Line Dog Handling Video

Traditionally in dog training the long line has been called a lunge line. I think this is because people used lunge lines from horse training. It doesn’t matter which term you use I will use them interchangeably.

Safety is the most important considerations when using a long line. Make sure you know where the line is at all times and don’t get tangled in it. It’s very easy to fall if the line is behind you. Tripping in this scenario is quite likely if you are backing up. Such as when taking up line when the dog is coming to you.

Dog obedience training using the long line
Dog obedience training using the long line

For dog obedience training or teaching basic manners I will barrow some long line handling techniques from tracker dog training. When training with the long line I usually run the rope or line over my right hand. This is shown in the video. I refer to the right hand as the guide hand.

The dog in this video was very energetic and sometime playfully wild and crazy. Usually I will not give a command if don’t think the dog will respond. the first video doesn’t show this but the next one I post will show the dog did not respond the way I had thought it would on a few occasions. This video was from the first day I worked the dog on a long line. So it was very early in the long line training. In fact you will notice in the beginning she is afraid of the long line. The dog did much better after a few days of training.

Many of the dog’s most severe problems reappeared when I started the long line training. Some of these problems were wild running and jumping, very forceful play biting, and picking up objects from the ground and not dropping or giving them. As I mentioned the dog was doing quite well on the 6 foot training leash. The dog also did well off leash around the house.

Since I did this series of videos we have trained the same dog at central park in Huntington Beach on a weekend and she did very good. Even with the ducks, and a teenager running up to play with her.

Tying the Long Line, the king of knot you use can make a difference. If you're not good at tying knots use a line with a snap instead
Tying the Long Line, the king of knot you use can make a difference. If you’re not good at tying knots use a training line with a snap instead

In this video I am not using food reward. That is because I forgot her special treats. Those of you who know me might ask why I didn’t use the treats I usually have in my truck. Well this dog was on a special diet so I was using her special treats. When dog training we sometimes have limitations or requirements that determine what training techniques we use. I think it’s best to stay flexible in how you train. This dog was in for a Board and Train / in kennel training program so I had several weeks to work with her.

While I do the majority of my training in the Orange County and Long Beach area this video was taken just north of the Orange county line in the Rowland Heights and La Habra Heights area. As you can see I also serve the San Gabriel Valley. California has a lot of great places to adventure with dogs and some good place for training too.

In this video you will see some short clips of the dog displaying its typical problematic wild behavior.  The snake in the video I believe is a garter snake. After training the recall from the snake this dog did much better on fallowing days, and not only from the snake but other interesting discoveries too. At one point in the video you can see me manipulating the line to keep it from getting tangled. I left that in mainly for the benefit of people I am working with. I wanted people who are training with me to see how important it is to be aware of where the line is at all times. The video is a little over 7 minutes long.

Board and Train in Kennel Dog Program

Due to a cancelation I have openings for boarding two dogs over the holidays. A short board and train program is the perfect tune up for dogs that have already been trained. It’s also a great time to do a short basic dog training program.

Many people who are going to be away for a week or more would like their dog to learn something instead of just being in a dog kennel all day. When I care for your pet it will be living in the comfort of a loving home. There will be training sessions, walks, and trip into the community to practice newly learned behavior and manners.

If you are interested in a winter vacation for your dog call me Andrew Ledford at 714-827-4058

Board and Train dog practicing staying on its bed

Training a dog in a kennel training boarding program to work off leash

Training a dog in a kennel training boarding program to work off leash

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