Huntington Beach Dog Training

Dog training Huntington Beach with video

Huntington Beach offers some excellent places to do dog training. One of my favorite dog training spots in Huntington Beach is Central Park. I put together this dog training video showing some of the terrain and distractions to be found in Huntington Beach’s Central Park. The most noticeable training distractions are the ducks. The ducks are quite tame and will often allow a dog and handler team to get very close. The tameness of the duck at Central Park makes it ideal for training the recall from motion (come for). As the dog becomes more skilled I will move to different locations. The ducks are also handy for teaching the Heel and Sit Stay

Dog Training in Huntington Beach Park Video
Video Time: 3:46


The first short segment of the video shows a Labrador Retriever working on heel using a gentle leader head collar along with food reinforcement.

The second and main part of the video shows a Lab mix working with food and a traditional training collar. The video of the Lab mix shows the beginning phase of training the dog to come from distractions, in this case ducks, and it’s done with a standard 6 foot training leash. There is one place in the video where a leash correction is used. I like to use food reinforcement as much as possible but in this case I thought using a mild correction was more useful.

Toward the end of the video is a very short clip showing a Rottweiler training at the park with its owners. This dog is also using a traditional collar. Although I am using a traditional collar in the video I also use a gentle leader head collar with this dog. I was using the slip collar during this training session to teach the owners better handling skills. It is sometime easier to learn how not to over handle a dog with a slip collar than with either a gentle leader type head collar or a pinch collar. I thought the gentle leader head collar would be counterproductive for teaching not to over handle during this training session.

Central Park in Huntington Beach also has an active dog park that can be useful for some types of training. Before taking your dog into the dog park make sure it is working at a level that you can sustain in an off leash environment.

Huntington Beach Dog Training
Huntington Beach Dog Training

dog training can include going to Huntington Beach Dog Park

Schnauzer Huntington Beach
Schnauzer Huntington Beach

Schnauzer at Huntington Beach Dog Park

Additional dog training opportunities at Huntington Beach’s Central Park.

Another great dog training opportunity provided at Huntington Beach’s Central Park can be found at either of its two eating establishments. Unfortunately we are now limited to only one dog friendly place for doggy dining. The most popular restaurant is the Park Bench Café and it’s extremely dog friendly. I will often take a dog out for breakfast to work on clam behavior around other dog while I’m eating.

Dog Beach in Huntington Beach

Dog Training at Dog Beach HB
Dog Training at Dog Beach HB

Dog Beach is also a very good place to do dog training in Huntington Beach. Not far from dog beach is Main Street for a totally different training environment. By combining central park, dog Beach, and Main Street you will have a well rounded mix of training experiences.

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