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Dog training in Fullerton can provide more of a rural experience than training at the beach. I find training in the diverse environments found in Orange County can improve a dogs behavior under a wide range of circumstances.

One of my favorite areas for dog training has to be the horse trails in Fullerton. When ever working there you might encounter horses so you must be extra cautious. Along with horse awareness you need the ability to move away from the trail, so your dog does not spook any horses. This is easier if you have good control of your dog.

Basically figure the horse has the right of way and don’t let your little genius get aggressive or scare the horses.

If your not sure how your dog responds to horses here’s something to try. As soon as you know a horse is coming down the trail just calmly take the dog as far off the trail as you can, and observe how junior reacts. Try doing this at a wide open place on the trail. You might want to use food to focus the dog’s attention while the horse passes by. If your dog will not take the food there is more of a chance it could have a problem with horses.

If your dog does take the food, you will have done a little bit towards teaching it that when he/she sees a horse something good happens. Ideally you got your canine prodigy to do a little something for the food, such as Sit.

Some dog training systems use a correction to suppress undesirable behavior around horses. If you are going to implement correction based training, look for a professional trainer or behaviorist you feel comfortable working with.

Training My German Shepherd Dog on Fullerton Horse Trails
Training My German Shepherd Dog on Fullerton Horse Trails

Training on Fullerton’s horse trails is a great way to experience several recreational activities in a single outing. I always like bird watching and the Fullerton trails do provide some good bird watching. I always think it’s kind of cool to see some interesting bit of nature while enjoying the companionship of my dog. This was one of my own German Shepherds Dogs. The horse trails in Fullerton make for an easy hike. This was a favorite place to take both my dogs and my friends.

How you handle your dog can have a big influence on how your dog responds when working under stress.

Having a trusting and grounded relationship really pays off when your dog needs to respond under stressful conditions. Your dog’s stress tolerance can be increased by how you handle the dog during practice sessions. It also helps if you have conditioned yourself to handle the dog in a consistent manner when you, yourself are under stress.

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