Greeting Active Dog Before In Home Lesson

Active Dog Greeting The Dog Trainer
Active Dog Greeting The Dog Trainer

Here is a short video showing me arriving for the big training day where we take a real cow bone from the dog. Many of my training sessions a rather long so I’ll split the videos up into several smaller bite size clips. This video just shows the greeting, and me calming the dog down. Most dogs are quite happy to see me when I show up for a training session. Active dogs such as this one sometimes get a little overexcited. You may notice I’m using the Off command/exercise and touching to calm the dog. I know a lot of you are waiting to see me take the real bone from the dog. The real bone video is coming, but, I thought it would be helpful to also see the greeting and interaction before the serious training session begins. The video was done in Irvine, which is in Orange County CA.

Wishing you the best in dogs and in life,
Andrew Ledford
Southern California Dog training

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