Dog Behavior

Dog Behavior Training

A dog’s behavior can often be directed and controlled by training

Dog behavior can be thought of as responses that are specific to the species canis familiaris. These responses are controlled and directed by manipulating the social and the environmental variables. We call this training. Training can increase responses that are desirable, just as those that are undesirable can be decreased.

Your dog’s behavior problems are often a direct result of the animal’s inability to cope with the stress of everyday life. The purpose of training is to raise the pet’s stress threshold so your pet can tolerate higher levels of stress.

Dog behavior training encompasses every aspect of canine education, from the species specific responses inherent to dogs, to learning theory and operant conditioning, to traditional training methods. When these training techniques are properly implemented, most people notice results immediately. A well mannered pet is now within your reach, all you need to do is optimally structure your pet’s environment.

Canine and human behavior should not be confused with each other.

The response patterns and intellect of a canine is very different from that of humans, although we do share some common traits. These shared traits make it seem as though some dogs can understand the complexities of human language. All the evidence suggests dogs do not have the cognitive ability to understand human language. While our dogs can’t understand complex conversation we can learn to communicate with our dogs.

One trait dogs share with humans is the drive to form close social groups with strong bonds to significant others. The ability to bond not only with other dogs but with humans allows us to use social reinforcement training as a powerful behavior management tool. Social bonding can be thought of as a kind of love. Even though this type of bonding is a natural trait in both canines and humans, we must avoid endearing our pets with human emotions.

Dog behavior training involves teaching life skills, such as preventing aggression problems, and how to properly interact with others and the environment without undue stress.


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