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Who was the most popular dog at the Long Beach Halloween Dog Parade?

Many of my readers know I have posted pictures of the Long Beach Dog Parade for several months on my Google Plus page. While Google Plus does not have as many people as FaceBook it is easier to connect with fans who like your business. I wanted to use this ease of contact to share the photos with the least friction possible. As I was nearing the last pictures I decided to see which ones were most popular and pick a top dog of the year. I was working the day of the parade so I didn’t have time to stick around to see who the official winner was. But I can tell you who the Adaptive Dog Training Google Plus winner is.

This probably isn’t a totally fair competition. When I started sharing the pictures I was not planning on telling everyone who the most popular dog was, so I posted them across my Adaptive Dog Training business page, my profile page, and the Dogs Community. There were several great costumes of both people and pets at this year’s parade.

The winning dog did the best across those networks. The other dogs, well they did better in some networks than others. So I could have three runners up and to complicate things even more, some pictures where shared in only one network.

I believe all of the dogs except the winning dog got more +1 on my profile and the Dogs Community. I imaging because both of those networks are larger.

Here are the most popular dogs posted to the Business page.

Rescue Dog looking for a home at the Halloween Parade
Rescue Dog looking for a home at the Halloween Parade

I was surprised to see one of the rescue dogs looking for a new home ranked quite high in popularity. I don’t think this dog was even entered into the official parade.

Pink Dogs with a message
Pink Dogs with a message
Tony the Tiger Great Dane
Tony the Tiger Great Dane


There were a lot of Great Dane at this years parade.

Big Star War Dogs
Big Star War Dogs

Notice the cute hotdog in the lower right

Hot Air Balloon Great Dane
Hot Air Balloon Great Dane


and the Winner is Spot the Great Dane with a Wonderfully Colorful tail sock

Great Dane Spot with a Tail Sock
Great Dane Spot with a Tail Sock

Wishing you the best in dogs and in life,

Southern California Dog training

New Webpage About Housebreaking

I am moving all the 101 Dog Training Tips information to this website. The 101 Dog Training Tips site no longer has any information. Over time it will all be moved to this site

I have posted a new webpage about housebreaking I will soon be adding a page about the proper use of housebreaking tools. This is part of the housebreaking series  had on the old site.

You can get more information about housebreaking and potty training in my online book that is free to check out for people with Amazon Prime.

I can be reached at 714-827-4058

New 101 Dog Training Tips Web Pages

New tips pages added about housebreaking and another about selecting a dog training leash

I am continuously adding new content to our network of websites. On 7/22/10 added a page about the dog training leash and how to select the right dog training leash for you

On 8/3/10 I added a new housebreaking potty training article to the 101 dog training tips website that is the first part of a housebreaking and potty training series

We have also become Dogster recommend as a great resource for dog behavior and training information. The dogster badge is on our new Awards page.

In the past I have always turned down awards. However since I have started playing with Google adwords to pay for content creation I have decides to start accepting badges and awards. Creating quality content does require a good deal of time and effort it seems only fair that I should get a little something, don’t you agree?

We have resumed displaying listings for other dog trainers in our dog trainers’ directory. So if you are outside the area I serve check out the directory for a dog trainer near you. If you know of a dog trainer who would like to be included have them fill out the form and I will review their information

I have been writing a blog at the RenChenZa site for several weeks. When that series is finished I will be more active on this blog and the website

Wishing you the best in dog training and in life,
Andrew Ledford.