Beginning Sit and Touching Exercises Plus Fetch

First in home training class demonstrating Sit, touching drills, and beginning the Fetch or retrieve.

Wolfhound Muzzle Touch
Wolfhound Muzzle Touch

We are back with the wolfhound from Anaheim Hills in Orange County. This in home training class presented some unique challenges. I did modify some of my standard techniques, however I don’t show many of these modification in the video. I feel most people will benefit more by seeing how the drills are usually taught.

We’ll begin with the sit with food drill. I go over the sit for food drill quickly. If you need to see how I do the beginning sit drill you may need to reference some of my other videos. During the sit exercise I go over taking the food gently from the owner’s hand. Forceful grabbing of food can be a problem for many dogs and there are several ways to work through over exuberant grabbing. Since this dog was grabbing the food in a frantic and unfocused way I recommend only rewarding gentle and focused food taking.

Next in the video I go over touching exercises using food as a distraction and reward. The touching exercises are part of the foundation exercises I teach. Touching drills teach the dog to be calmer when interacting with people and they teach the dog to like being touched in ways the untrained dog may find objectionable. The touching exercises are also helpful for working through avoidance behavior. Often it’s necessary to work past avoidance before a dog will reliably come on command.

The two touching drills I cover towards the beginning of the video are the muzzle touch and the occipital ridge (top of the head) touch. I mention the shoulder touch at the end of the video.

After we work on the touch drills we go outside where we learn how touch exercise can be applied to practical everyday situations.

Wolfhound Fetch Orienting dog to retrieve / chew toy
Wolfhound Fetch Orienting dog to retrieve / chew toy

Before I work on focusing the dog to its retrieve / chew toy I go over what kind of toy I would like this dog to have.

Some dogs really like to retrieve and some don’t. You’ll see my new big dog friend in not too thrilled about chasing and getting a toy some strange human is playing with. But, there is a little interest and that’s all we need. Follow the directions, even if your dog only shows a little interest in the toy and you will have a retriever in no time.

With my in home dog training videos I always try to have a little commentary by the owners. After the owner commentary I go over the shoulder touch. The shoulder touch can be a very useful exercise for out of control, hyper dogs as well as fearful or sensitive dogs.

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