Almost Awesome Dog and Christmas Tree Lane

Merry Christmas dog people. I am sure you have heard that a trained dog is a happy dog. Well, I do have vested interest in statements such as this. But let me tell you a story about Christmas, lights, and dogs.

It was not so long, long ago…

There was a dog trainer and he had this really awesome dog, well this story isn’t about the really awesome dog, it’s about the other dog the trainer had. The other dog was very good, just not awesome.

And the dog trainer he was like a workaholic. He was dog training all the time. Oh, sometimes he would work on his website, but mostly he was dog training.

In southern California there is a place called Christmas tree lane. They have big Christmas trees and during the holidays the whole street is lit up with Christmas lights.

The dog trainer had a friend who wanted to see the Christmas lights so he took his friend and his almost awesome dog to look at the lights. He knew he would also get to talk to people about his dog and give out a few business cards as well.

German Shepherd Dog And Christmas Lights
German Shepherd Dog And Christmas Lights

After seeing Christmas Tree Lane they went to a house that was built by his favorite treat. No, I’m not talking about dog treats, I’m talking people treats. Yah, it was built by ice cream.

There is, or at least was a famous ice cream maker’s house that would get all decked out for Christmas. They would have baby Jesus and reindeers and all kinds of Christmas stuff.

People would come from all over the world to see the house that ice cream built. Here are some picture of that famous house and the almost awesome dog of that very same dog trainer.

German Shepherd And The Christmas Ice Cream House
German Shepherd And The Christmas Ice Cream House

The moral of the story is, if this almost awesome dog wasn’t trained it couldn’t go mingle with all those tourist and tourist buses and babies and traffic and crazy holiday cheer.

Wishing you the best in dogs and the best in life,
Andrew Ledford
So Cal Dog training

2 thoughts on “Almost Awesome Dog and Christmas Tree Lane”

  1. This is really a commendable post. Thanks for sharing this great tale, Andrew. People who have just owed their puppies and thinking about their training can learn a lesson from this story. Like in this short story, if the almost awesome dog wasn’t trained, it can go mingle with all the Christmas stuff. So, if you desire that your dog behave socially wherever goes, its significant to provide them proper training.

    1. Thank you.
      What I find, especially in group classes, is that it’s often not the smartest or the most gifted dog that does the best by the end of the training program. It’s usually the dog that gets trained the most.

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