Hi, my name is Andrew Ledford I’ve been a dog trainer in Orange County, Long Beach, and the Los Angeles area for over 30 years.

I have been using OC Dog Training as my dog training business site in Orange County and it is replacing the old 101 Dog Training Tips site. So “OC Dog Training” could defiantly stand for Orange County Dog Training. However, now that I’m merging several website into one for both ease of maintenance and simplicity, I’m using OC to mean Operant Conditioning. I have been thinking about this change for several years and now is time to make the change.

You can contact me for dog training lessons at 714-827-4058

I am no longer working with aggressive dogs. While I have spent all of my adult life working with some very aggressive dogs, I no longer enjoy it and I am finding it more difficult as well. I quit training for a couple of years and now I have decided to get back into what I really love. However, I am not taking on any serous aggression cases.

A little about my training style
I am a balanced trainer who is open to new ideas. My dog training style is a combination of modern positive reinforcement training combined with more traditional training methods. I understands that a flexible dog training system in which you have more choices will give you a higher chance of success. Each dog’s household makeup and training situation is unique. A flexible yet robust system adapts to the variables encountered with individual personalities. The term system suggests order, regularity, and synchronization of methods into a comprehensive whole.

It’s always best to start training when your dog is still a puppy. One of the main reasons people come to me is because they didn’t start training their dogs as puppies, and now the dog is displaying behavior that is hard to live with. These behaviors range from minor annoyances, to behavior that threatens the household’s safety and security. Solving behavior problems can be a difficult process. My training programs provide the context for correcting your dog’s behavior problems while using your resources most efficiently. In addition to using reinforcement like food rewards and play, we’ll also use your pet’s environment as a behavior management tool.

Understanding dog behavior as well as how to teach people is an important asset for doing this type of training. These are both skills I have spent many years perfecting.

What is the reason you got a pet?

Is your dog living up to those expectations?

Close your eyes and think about how it makes you feel when the relationship between you and your dog is going great. Now close your eyes and think how you feel when the relationship with your dog is not at its best, such as when the dog is misbehaving.

How would you like to have more of the great relationship feelings while getting rid of the negative feelings? A great relationship with your dog means you can experience more enjoyment from owning a dog

Discover how you and your pet can actively engage in the cultured canine lifestyle?

Orange County and the greater Los Angeles – Long Beach area have many opportunities to experience the joys of a well trained dog. Would you like your canine best friends company while leisurely enjoying your favorite beverage at Starbuck’s or how about breakfast in Central Park (Huntington Beach) at the doggie cafe? there are also some wonderful hiking trails in both Orange and Los Angeles County

You’ll find our pet behavior programs provide you with valuable resources that taps into the powerful social bond of love that exist between you and your best friend.

Our approach to dog training is quite flexible, and it can adapt to a wide variety of training situations.

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Your Dog Trainer Andrew Ledford

If you need help with your puppy or dog’s behavior
please give me a call today I will do a free phone evaluation and if you would like to move forward we can make an appointment
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